Our Curriculum

AT. St. Theresa's we offer a diverse curriculum.  All Key Learning areas are covered and there is a strong emphasis placed on Literacy and Numeracy in all grade levels.  We follow the New Victorian Curriculum guidelines. 


St. Theresa's offer specialist lessons in the areas of Physical Education, Performing Arts, Art and Italian.

Exposure to the Arts and Performance is encouraged at St. Theresa's and every year we either hold an Art Show or a School Concert.  Christmas carols, Italian Day celebrations and School sports days also feature in our school calendar as do other relevant events pertaining to the children's learning.

At St. Theresa's we believe that a child's education is a partnership between home and school and so reporting should be regular, clear and accurate, conveying the child's strengths, weaknesses and the action to be taken.

The use of ICT is especially important across these curriculum areas and classroom work is complimented and extended through the use of computers in all classrooms.



St. Theresa’s Literacy program builds skills that empower our students to be effective speakers, listeners, readers and writers.

We endeavour to inspire a love of reading and writing in our school.

We provide a curriculum that promotes student confidence and allows opportunities for their success. We foster critical thinking and independence.

We acknowledge that good oral language development is essential to our students’ success in reading and writing. We provide varied and rich experiences to build a sound foundation for the children's language development.

St. Theresa's employ a Reading Recovery teacher to support the children in Year 1 with their reading.





Mathematics learning at St Theresa's is purposeful, engaging, challenging,enjoyable and supportive for all students. We aim to develop efficient mathematical thinkers who can confidently apply their knowledge to real life situations with understanding and accuracy.









 At St Theresa’s Primary School, we embrace the teachings and values of St Theresa, who did small things well. With this being our school motto, we are reminded that we too can be like St Theresa by doing the small things that we can to help make a difference in our world.


At St. Theresa's celebrating and participating in Mass is an integral part of living out our faith. We gather as a whole school several times each term to celebrate Mass together. We celebrate many special Feast Days including the Feast of the Sacred Heart and St. Theresa’s Feast Day. The children also attend Mass on Friday with their year level to link what they are learning in class with the message of Jesus Christ through the Liturgy.


The Religious Education Leaders along with classroom teachers and our parish and school community work together to prepare the children for celebrating the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation.


Being a Catholic School, St. Theresa's has a Sacramental Program which thoroughly prepares the children to celebrate the following sacraments:

Grade 3: Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Grade 6: Confirmation


As part of our social justice actions and trying to care for others as Christ did, the school community often hold collections for our local St Vincent De Paul Store.




Inquiry at St. Theresa's encompasses the areas of History, Geography, Science, Health and Technology.  Each term the classes focus on one of these areas of learning.  Our cycle extends over a 2 year period where learning focuses in each of these areas will be addressed.  




Art at St. Theresa's is all about having fun and being confident to express yourself in a creative way. The art program aims to develop the students understandings of the elements of art ( line, shape, colour,, texture, form and pattern) through the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, threads and textiles. 
We provide the students with the opportunity to discuss, research, experiment and create artworks that allow for their individual style to be exposed and developed.

We believe everyone is a talented artist and all artworks produced are a 'masterpiece" in their own unique way. Art is about having the freedom to express yourself freely and know that we are all capable of great things.



Performing Arts at St. Theresa's is a specialist subject from Grades Prep to 6.  The Performing Arts Program consists of Music, Dance and Drama.


Students develop creative and expressive skills and explore the elements of Drama and improvisation through movement, facial expression and stage presence to create performances.


In Music students develop their knowledge of beat, rhythm, pitch and tempo and learn to listen to, play and create their own music.  They experience different instruments and styles of music.


The students explore different dances styles and become aware of their bodies and understand space, time, dynamics and relationships as they make and observe dances.




Our Physical Education program is developmental and skills based.  Junior grades participate in weekly lessons.  Senior grades supplement these lessons with an Inter School Sports Competition which is played against other local schools on a weekly basis, an Athletics sports day and a cross county running event.  St. Theresa's also holds its own annual sports day.

Alongside our Physical Education program we also run a 2 week intensive swimming program.

Another important aspect of our Physical Education program is the Outdoor Education Program.  This begins in Prep and Grade 1 where the children stay after school and eat dinner at school.  In Grade 2 this advances to dinner and a sleepover at school.  In Grades 3-6 the children go on a 2 night camping experience.

St. Theresa's participates in the Sporting Schools Program, which utilises government funding to access specialist coaching expertise from external sporting organisations.




At St. Theresa’s all students from grade prep through to grade 6 have the opportunity to learn Italian as a second language. We believe that through studying a LOTE, (Language Other Than English) children are able to gain an insight into another culture and appreciate the multiculturalism in our school community, as well as the multiculturalism in Australia.

The students at St Theresa’s are given many opportunities to experience the Italian culture. They are given a variety of cultural experiences in the classroom and participate in role plays and varied activities. Students are given the opportunity to participate in an Italian food making class in the upper levels.


St. Theresa's has a 1 to 1 Chromebook device program from grades 2 to 6.  They use these devices to support them in their learning across the school day.  Each child has a school gmail account and have access to many of the application in the Google suite. The grade Prep/1 children have access to iPads and laptops to support their learning.
St. Theresa's is a Cybersaftey accredited school and places a lot of emphasis on educating children in the proper use of technology.
Digital learning occurs across all learning areas of the curriculum.
Opportunities are given for students to acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of digital systems, data and information and the processes associated with creating digital solutions so they can take up an active role in meeting current and future needs.


Wellbeing or Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is about learning how to manage feelings, manage friendships and solve problems. These are essential life skills that support a child’s ability to cope with difficulties and helps prevent mental health problems. Children who develop social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, resolve conflict, and feel positive about themselves and the world around them.


At St. Theresa’s we endeavour to promote a healthy, supportive, safe and happy environment for staff, students and parents. Social and Emotional Learning is a framework that underpins everything we do at St Theresa’s. It is embedded in our culture.


Our school mantra ‘Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Ready To Learn ‘ensures that every child at St Theresa’s learns different strategies and programs to build their resilience. Some of these include: Bounceback program, SEL skills, Buddy Program, Positive Mindsets, Bluearth, CASEA Program, Transition Programs and Mindfulness.